In Nordic Praxis we love Projects. We love the whole process from – idea to implementation. 



Projects who is done by Nordic Praxis team. 

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Projects we have in the pipeline.

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Projects we are working on now. 



Nordic Praxis has a proud tradition as a project developer. We can see the possibilities and draw the visions.

We uncover the market and demand and point to the value-creating concepts. We prepare an estimate of projects costs and operations and calculate the return.

Our initial advice is gathered in a decision-making basis that enables the investor and the client to move on with the project.

In Nordic Praxis project development a core service.

Our primary focus is on development within training and education of people around the world. We believe that through interdisciplinary projects, we can contribute to increasing the quality of life globally.



Our consulting practice is based upon extensive analysis that we make with you.

We focus on enabling and building agency in your organisation so that you are able to make decisions that help you reach your visions and realize your goals.

Rather than providing a right answer we base our approach on sharing perspectives, asking questions of a disruptive nature and awakening your curiosity about what other possibilities and actions you could explore.

Our method and process allow your organisations to handle challenges and potentials in the future, building on the analytic and reflective practices that we develop with you.

Consultancy is based upon a contract with clear and measurable goals and objectives that we help you realize.



Nordic Praxis facilitates leadership training. Our training is individually planned to suit the specific needs in your organization.

We have the possibility to use a variety of different approaches and tools and in our training.

A typical leadership training program can include different analytical tools. Inspiration and dialogue about communication and leadership in your organization. Individual preference profiles which we will also look at in groups. Forum theater based upon your cases and challenges. Small games and assignments that you have to make.

All of this is based upon theories which we relate to our different tools and approaches.

For each of our training programs we select a specific location that suits the objectives of your training.

Contact us for a dialogue about your needs and ideas.