NOLA believes that knowledge creates value when it is put into practice.


NOLA’s approach to learning is based upon a Nordic tradition, focusing on reflective, praxis oriented learning.  We combine the traditional Nordic learning approach with the possibilities in modern digital technology and offer online learning which incorporates the new and the well tested to create a difference in your daily praxis.

  • A reflective approach. Allowing you to learn how to engage with and interact with people around you.
  • Enables change in praxis. It is in praxis that we see the results of what we learn.
  • Principles of Micro-learning. Allowing you to take small steps for large impact.
  • Blended learning. Facilitating that you can discuss with and learn within our online community and with your colleagues and others in “real life” as well.
  • Support action-learning. Inspiring and enabling you to learn from your own experiences and share these with others


We see Learning is a dynamic and situational activity based on human participation and empathy in social practices. Learning is lifelong. 

  • MEANING is one way in which we can talk about our (changing) ability - individually and collectively - to experience our lives and the world as meaningful.
  • PRACTICE is one way we can talk about the common historical and social resources, frameworks and perspectives that can maintain mutual engagement in action.
  • COMMUNITY is one way we can talk about the social forms for which our activities can be defined as worth dealing with and our participation is recognized as competence
  • IDENTITY is one way we can talk about how learning changes who we are and create personal development stories within the framework of our communities.

Inspired by Wenger

"We challenge the impact of learning by shortening the bridge between training and everyday working life."